Automatic lubricator for roller bearings

Continuous lubrication with the automatic lubricator

Are you fed up of having to constantly lubricate your bearings by hand? Are you tired of having to deal with overpriced repair and maintenance costs for a well lubricated system? Are you looking for a better and more efficient solution? The simalube automatic lubricator is just the right thing for you. The simalube lubricator will considerably lengthen the service life of your roller bearings and at the same time reduce your maintenance and repair costs.

By permanently and accurately lubricating your bearings for periods of up to one year using the simalube lubricator will do away with the cumbersome duty of hand lubrication, thus also preventing deficient or excess lubrication of your bearings. This leads to fewer machine failures and ensures greater machine performance. The closed dust and water-tight system of the simalube lubricator thus also prevents the lubrication point from being soiled, considerably reducing the risk of any contamination.